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The Result

A logo that pushes, conventional boundaries creating an innovative and fresh visual language. The play on shape was a catalyst that transcended the B from a letter to a symbolic form. Embodying the curvilinear shape of rolling hills and the swish of snow. To evolve the mountains from their current logo. Sloping shapes within the B reflect the adventurous spirit.


Branding, Social Media

The Brief

The pioneers of snowboarding, Burton, a brand - a culture - a community. I was motivated by the founder’s quote ‘choosing a line that’s yet to be ridden.’ There is a rebelliousness and freeing attitude in association to carving your own track and this sense of spirit was what I aimed to capture. 

The logo hints at a story, that attracts audiences to take a second gland. The blend of colours point towards a contour map reflecting altitude and elevation. The overlapping shapes reflect the natural textures of a ski slope. The deepest colour hints at the steepest, most eccentric black run. No matter what hidden message is revealed there is a connect that is personal. There is an immediate connection to the outdoors whilst portraying a free spirited, adventurous and futuristic brand. One that is progressive, confident and championing change.

The story
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