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The Result

A formal illustrative design focusing on the brand name and product with a sense of craftsmanship, quality and timelessness. The simple illustrated side is subtle, sophisticated and engaging. The use of coloured Canson stock print adds texture giving the box an authentic handcrafted look. Overall this minimalistic design lets the product shine whilst re-establishing a childlike adoration of a simple macaron. 

Mosaic Patisserie

Branding, Illustration, Packaging

The Brief

Mosaic Patisserie is a wholesale French patisserie specialising in high-quality macarons, pastries, tarts and cakes. They don't currently have much call for retail format packaging, but they do a 10pc macaron gift pack which they sell to our direct retail customers and to a few wholesale customers. “Although we don't currently sell to any supermarkets, it would be good to have packaging for that should the opportunity arise”

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