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Branding, Art Direction, Social Media

The Brief

Szade is an up-and-coming sunglasses brand based that uses recycled sunnies and gives them a new lease of life. Their culture appeals to the trendsetters, the environmentalists and those who harness fashion as an expression of their identity. Their audience seeks a brand that is stylish, eco-friendly yet edgy.

The Result

The art direction transcends Szade into a futuristic brand. Instead of using the anticipated warm colours of the sun to reference light, metallic became an integral element. The texture mirrors the idea of glare, light rebounding and a polarising look. It is captivating, illuminating and unexpected.

Simply altering the perspective of the word flow, where the letters remain horizontal created a look that was entirely unique. In western society, we instinctively read from left to right. Why not challenge this, and pushes conventional boundaries? The logo acts as an encoded symbol, capturing peoples attention in an attempt to decipher it. As a dyad, it reveals two components. It hints at a future language; the disjoined flick of the A and E like a tilde in Spanish or an ancient script. However, once examined the letterforms of S, Z, A, D, E reveal themselves. This adds dynamics whilst reflecting the edgy, forward thinking ethos of the brand.

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